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It's happened! The day you have been dreaming of has are going to get married.

Each wedding is entirely unique, and this special day is all about you.

A day is limited to just 24 hours, in which time it's vitally important to capture a life time of memories - this is where I step in.

There are many great reasons for opting for a documentary wedding photographer when you wish to have images captured that you can cherish forever. Read on to find out what makes documentary wedding photography such a popular choice amongst couples today and how I can provide you with the elegant images that you're looking for...

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The best way to tell the story

An image should take you back to that very moment every time you look at it, so it's important to get it perfect.

The best documentary photographers are able to fade into the background, adopting an unobtrusive approach whilst still capturing all the priceless moments that make up your big day. My approach ensures that the story of your day is told in style with nothing being missed and every special detail revealed.

Documentary wedding photography goes by many different names - you may have heard it referred to as wedding photojournalism, reportage wedding photography and natural wedding photography to give just a few examples. This method of capturing images has become one of the most popular wedding photography styles available to couples today and as a wedding photographer who specialises in this area, I truly believe that this is the best way to tell the story of your special day.

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One day, countless priceless moments

People opt for documentary wedding photography for a myriad of reasons. Your big day will consist of countless magical moments, and it's my job to ensure as many of these are captured as possible. The best results can often be gained when you and your guests are almost completely unaware of my presence. I offer a highly discreet approach which ensures wedding attendees act naturally in front of my lens,. I will also help you achieve the required results without taking over your day, and can offer a candid style, acting as a guest as well as a photographer.

Many people love looking at photographs but dislike posing for the cameras. Some people find the process of having their photo taken exceptionally awkward and find it hard to relax in front of a camera. If you opt for my discreet services, your guests will forget that I am even present, which means the shots will look far more natural than if they were staged. You can make the memories whilst I capture them.


An increasingly popular option

Some couples are unsure where to begin when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer and selecting the right style for their needs. Researching the right choices for your needs doesn't need to be a minefield, and once you know what king of photography style is best for your requirements, the search for a reputable and reliable photographer can be shortened substantially. The documentary style has become immensely popular over recent years, with couples loving the way that it enables shots to be taken candidly without themselves or their guests even noticing. I can take the shots without moving any objects or interfering with elements, although I can also provide traditional portrait shots if you want them as part of your wedding album. The choice is entirely yours and I'm here to work with you and help you ahiceve the perfect record of your big day.

Capturing those magic moments

I will ensure all those special moments are captured, including not only the big moments all your guests see but also magical intimate events only witnessed by a handful of people. My approach is focused on ensuring the range of emotions felt throughout the day is recorded so that you have something remarkable to look back on.

As an experienced documentary wedding photographer, I am able to anticipate scenes before they happen, and I spend much of my time seeking out those special moments that you'll be able to look back on fondly forever. If you do need a photographer for your wedding but wish to avoid predictable, cliched and staged images, I can provide what you are looking for. Once your images are committed to an album, you'll be able to see your day unfold as you turn each page. Each image will be a vital part of the story.

Extensive attention to detail

Another key purpose of documentary photography is to capture a host of tiny but vital details that not every guest will notice. These can include everything from your table settings to flowers, wedding favours and more. It's very important that all the subtle details that you have chosen to make your wedding truly special are reflected in the resulting photographs, and I will use my eye for detail to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

The aim is to ensure you are immediately transported back to your special day each time you view the photographs. You and your guests won't have to stop what you're doing when I capture the images and you will be free to focus on having a fantastic time rather than being interrupted on a frequent basis. There is no reason to stop enjoying yourself so I can take the photographs, so feel free to relax and behave just as you would be as if a photographer was absent from the proceedings.

Natural and spontaneous

Many incredible spontaneous and unplanned moments can occur during a wedding. These can include everything from two guests who had never previously met sharing a joke and seizing the spirit of your day to long-lost friends and relatives embracing each other after years apart. I aim to capture images that ooze with joy, happiness and jubilation. Wedding photography isn't just about a photographer being present at the ceremony itself - I can remain with you throughout the whole day, ensuring everything from your exciting morning preparations right through to your sit-down meal and reception is captured in your photo album. If you do have any special requests, I will always do my best to accommodate them.

See what you missed

The benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer with an excellent reputation don't end there. It's inevitable that there are many moments you miss during your big day. You'll be extremely busy throughout, but wedding photography can give you an extra insight into what was occurring when you were tied up elsewhere. You'll see things such as your guest's reactions when you walk down the aisle, your spouse preparing for the wedding, your loved one arriving at the venue and so much more. Seeing what you missed is one of the fantastic features of natural wedding photography and it can throw up so many nice surprises and provide captivating insight into what happened outside of your immediate sphere of vision.

The ‘WoW’ factor

The world of wedding photography has evolved hugely over the years, with new technology enabling us to create increasingly impressive shots to capture your day. I have a range of photography tools at my disposal that will give your images the ‘wow’ factor that you are looking for. I am more than happy to explain the benefits of various photography styles to you and talk to you in-depth about the advantages that my equipment and resources deliver.

A professional wedding photographer will help you avoid being stuck with over-exposed, blurry images and greatly surpass anything even the best smartphone cameras can offer. A key reason for working with a highly reputable photographer is that you can relax in the knowledge that they are competent and experienced enough to carry out the task efficiently. It's incredibly important not to take risks with inferior photography services, as you could come to bitterly regret this decision.

Enhancing your memories

The services that I offer can enhance your memories of your big day even further. You can continue to enjoy your photos years and even decades after the day itself, passing the images down to your children and even their children. Over the years, I have built up skills that allow me to make my subjects feel totally at ease in front of the camera and to barely notice my presence at all. I know how to get the very best out of the resources available to me and can get every element just right, carefully choosing the best angle to capture your images from and finding the most suitable solution for each lighting scenario we might be faced with.

Having a keen eye for unique shots and different locations to take photographs is a key aspect of being a documentary wedding photographer so if you're looking for something outside of the norm and want images that also have an artistic feel, I can certainly help you achieve your goal.


A collaborative approach

It is incredibly important to do your research and plan carefully when you require wedding photography services. You only have one chance to get it right, which is why it's essential that you choose a highly-experienced and accomplished wedding photographer with an excellent track record. I have been working in various fields of photography for many years, and I am only happy when my clients are totally satisfied with the results that I have provided to them. I always go the extra mile to ensure your wishes are granted, and I am able to use a range of post-production features to get your photographs looking flawless. Investment is frequently made in the latest and most sought-after cameras and resources, and I am happy to advise on different styles of photography so that we can pinpoint the exact mood and look you want to achieve on your special day.

The risks of hiring friends or family members

Some couples are tempted to enlist the services of photographers they know personally when planning a wedding. There are many reasons why this is a bad idea. One of the biggest reasons that this should be avoided is that this deprives them of a chance to fully immerse themselves in your celebrations. Wedding photography is intense work that requires professionals to remain on their toes at all times - so it really is best to avoid this if you want a photographer you know very well to be part of the revelry.

Qaulity communication

I will remain in constant communication with you in the run-up to your wedding and can arrange a consultation shortly after you contact me to discuss your initial needs and ideas. Should any of your plans change, I can quickly adapt to such amendments. I will remain busy throughout your wedding and subsequent celebrations, working tirelessly in the background to ensure hundreds upon hundreds of magical images are captured.

Make the most of your day

Whether you love having your photograph taken or not, there are so many great reasons for hiring a documentary wedding photographer such as myself. By enlisting my services, you can rest assured you are working with an energetic and skilled professional who is passionate about delivering the best possible results. I have developed a strong ability to put my subjects at ease during photography sessions and can provide the perfect approach if you don't want a big portion of your day being taken up by group shots.

With documentary photography, there's less need for posing, which frees up much more time to get on with the important business of letting your hair down and celebrating your new marital status. Countless group shots can be very tiring for all concerned, but when you keep these to a minimum you will prevent boredom or discomfort setting in for you and your guests. There'll be no need to pose for hours on end as instead I concentrate on capturing the best and most fascinating spontaneous moments.


Getting in touch

High-quality wedding photography doesn't have to cost the earth. I am able to offer highly-competitive prices that shouldn't make a huge dent into your budget, with no compromises on quality.

Contact me today if you are interested in or ready to book the services of a dependable and experienced documentary wedding photographer. I can provide you with a stunning account of your wedding day and leave you with no photographic regrets.

Tell a story, capture the moment and relax in the knowledge that your wedding day will be documented with the expertise that it truly deserves.

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